Böden und Bodenzerstörung in China

Die offiziöse chinesische Zeitung "China Daily" berichtete am 26. Juni 2000:
China Faces Serious Soil Erosion
"Information from the Ministry of Water Resources shows that though China has stepped up soil erosion control, the situation of soil erosion admits of no optimism.
Currently, China has brought a total of 830,000 square kilometers of soil erosion under comprehensive control.
According to an official from the Ministry of Water Resources, the general situation of soil erosion in China remains grim. The total areas hit by soil erosion make up one- third of the total area of Chinese territory, and soil erosion exists in all China's provinces and autonomous regions.
Soil erosion has seriously restricted the maintainable development of China's economy. Statistics show that soil erosion has caused the decrease of cultivated land and serious desertification. Besides, soil erosion has resulted in the silting-up of rivers, lakes and reservoirs and aggravated drought."

[Quelle: http://english.peopledaily.com.cn/200006/26/eng20000626_43957.html; gefunden am 19.8.2000]

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